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For all URGENT block communal maintenance issues occurring out of hours (i.e. after 5:30pm Monday-Thursday, 5.00pm Friday, weekends and Bank Holidays), please contact our emergency service on 0345 606 7660.

All non-urgent issues will be dealt with during our normal office hours 9.00am-5.30pm Monday-Thursday, 9.00am-5.00pm Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.

Out of hours support for non-emergencies: 101
For support with non-emergencies, including antisocial behaviour and rough sleeping, please report to the police by calling 101.

Your Property Manager is Jason King

Please report all communal maintenance issues using our online portal. This is monitored between the hours of 9.00am and 5.30pm from Monday to Thursday, 9.00am and 5.00pm Friday, excluding bank holidays.
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The windows are cleaned on a quarterly basis (Feb, May, Aug and Nov). 
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If you are unsure of your space allocation, please refer to your Lease document or tenancy agreement. If someone is parking in your space, please place this notice on the windscreen of the vehicle.
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Compass Block Management does not have the power to clamp or remove vehicles. If you have reason to believe that a vehicle has been abandoned, please report this to the local authority. 
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Please do not leave bulky items in the bin store as they will not be collected.
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Heading: Issue with car park gates
Date: 04/09/19

An engineer is on his way to attend to the gates at Bishopsgate as they are not operating properly.  He is a distance away at the moment so expected to arrive approx 2.00pm.


Heading: Vandalism
Date: 05/04/19

There have been a number of incidents of late as a result of vandalism at Bishopsgate.

The front door has been repeatedly forced open damaging the magnetic locks, the fire door has been damaged and smashed off its hinges, the building alarm has been set off through misuse and now the pane of glass in the lift has also been damaged and will need replacing.

The costs to repair will exceed our building budget and we understand that this is being caused by tenants living at Bishopsgate.

If anyone has any information on who this is causing these issues, please contact or contact the office on 0121 236 5757 – option 2 (please ask for Judy Wyatt) as we wish to recover all costs from those responsible.  Please be assured that the source of the information will not be divulged to those we find responsible.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Heading: Bin Store
We have received several reports about residents not disposing of their rubbish correctly in the bins provided. When using the bin store we should be grateful if you would take note of the following points in order to help keep the bin store clean and tidy: –

• All rubbish must be properly sealed in plastic bags, preferably bin liners.

• All rubbish must be placed in one of the paladins provided and not left on the floor. The bin men will not remove any rubbish that is not in a paladin.

• Do not overfill the closest paladin when there are others have plenty of room in them.

• Items such as cardboard boxes should be crushed / collapsed before being put in a paladin.

• You can dispose of your bulky items such as mattresses, fridges, metals at the tip on Bar Road, off London Road CV3 4AN or, for a small collection charge, by contacting the Public Waste Recycling and Disposal Site on 024 7683 3333.


Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Heading: Biannual Lighting Inspection
The biannual lighting inspections will be carried out this week. All internal and external lights across the developed will be checked and maintained.