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Out of hours emergencies: 0345 606 7660
For all URGENT block communal maintenance issues occurring out of hours (i.e. after 5.30pm Monday-Thursday and after 5.00pm Friday & weekends), please contact our emergency service on 0345 606 7660.

All non-urgent issues will be dealt with during our normal Monday-Thursday office hours of 9.00am-5.30pm and Friday 9.00am-5.00pm.

Out of hours support for non-emergencies: 101
For support with non-emergencies, including antisocial behaviour and rough sleeping, please report to the police by calling 101.

Compass Maintenance Contact is Judy Wyatt

Please report all communal maintenance issues using our online portal. This is monitored between the hours of 9am and 5.30pm from Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.
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Window Cleaning
Windows are cleaned on a quarterly basis.
Car Parking
If you are unsure of your space allocation, please refer to your Lease document or tenancy agreement. If someone is parking in your space, please place this notice on the windscreen of the vehicle.
Compass Block Management does not have the power to clamp or remove vehicles. If you have reason to believe that a vehicle has been abandoned, please report this to the local authority. 
Noise Complaints
To report a noise complaint, you must provide the number of the unit responsible. 
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For persistent noise complaints, please report to Bromsgrove District Council by clicking here.
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Refuse & Recycling
Your waste and recycling is collected by Bromsgrove District Council.
Click here for your collection day and other information about the service.
Bulky Waste
If you would like to dispose of bulky items such as furniture and appliances, please arrange a collection with Bromsgrove District Council.
To book a collection call 01527 881 188
Please do not leave bulky items in the bin store as they will not be collected.
Replacement Fobs
Please use the online prompt “report a problem within your development” to purchase a replacement car park remote and then select “other”. Thank you.
The cost of a replacement car park remote is £50.00
You can purchase replacement fobs from our Frederick Street office, subject to the availability of stock. We accept cash and card.
Please call 0121 236 5757 to arrange a purchase.
Car Park Fob – £50.00
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Fire Alarm Testing
There is no communal fire alarm system at this development.
Fees and Charges
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Dealing With Conflict & Confrontation From Other Members Of The Public
A reminder that members of staff for Compass Block Management are not police officers or police staff. They do not have any police powers. They are members of public and have the same rights and obligations of any other member of the public.

If any incidents do occur, please contact the police immediately via 999 (for all emergencies) or 101.



Heading: Programme of Maintenance
Date: 24/06/2022

Details: We can confirm the following:-

  • Contractors working on the grounds – they will be covering both blocks
  • Electrical contractors have repaired one of the lights in the cellar – they have ordered new lights for the ones that cannot be repaired and will install as soon as the lights come in
  • We have instructed for the sump pump to be checked
  • We are dealing with the issue of the bins not being collected
  • There have been issues with the window cleaning service – we are currently working on to ensure a regular cleaning service is in place


Heading: Programme of Grounds Maintenance
Date: 16/06/2022

Details: We can confirm that contractors will be attending to the grounds maintenance as follows:-

  • Weeding of pavements, slabbed areas, gravelled areas and all other areas across the front for both developments
  • Once weeding has taken place, the areas will be jetwashed
  • Any loose slabs identified whilst carrying out the jetwashing will then be repaired
  • The bin store area will be tidied and jetwashed

We will provide further updates on scheduled works.


Heading: Cellar Cupboard
Date: 10/06/2022

Details: Contractors have been instructed to address the water that has gone into the cellar / cupboard, together with the lighting.


Heading: Lawns
Date: 10/06/2022

Details: We can confirm that contractors will be attending asap to mow the lawns.


Heading: External Lighting
Date: 07/06/2022

Details: Contractors have been instructed to attend to the external security lights which remain on constantly.


Heading: Branches & Front Sloped Area
Date: 13/05/2022

Details: Contractors will be attending to cut back further branches in the car park.  They will also be jetwashing the front sloped area.


Heading: Manhole Issue
Date: 10/03/2022

Details: We are aware that there is an issue with one of the manholes overflowing.  We can confirm that contractors have been instructed to attend.  


Heading: Various Maintenance Works
Date: 03/03/2022

Details: Contractors have been instructed to repost the main entrance notice which has fallen down, cut back the shrubbery which is overhanging onto the main pathway fronting the development, attend to the paving slabs by the shrubbery fronting the development, together with repairing the fencing that has fallen down to the side of the main entrance.


Heading: Window Cleaning
Date: 10/11/2021
The contractors, Pure Choice Window Cleaning, will be attending tomorrow morning and on a scheduled basis thereafter.


Heading: Vehicular Gate
Date: 13/04/2021
Contractors have been instructed following reports that the key pad is not working properly.  The timer is working intermittently so has been switched off.  The security lights are also working intermittently.


Heading: Lighting Circuit Repairs
Date: 21/10/2020

Details: Following the flood, lighting circuit repairs are being carried out.  The timer will also be reset following the clocks going back.


Heading: Basement Decking
Date: 21/10/2020

Details: Following the flood, the basement decking has all broken up.  Contractors will be replacing.


Heading: Flooding by Water Meters
Date: 14/10/2020

Details: Contractors have been instructed following a report that there is flooding in the cellar by the water meters.


Heading: Fire Safety for the Home
Date: 14/10/2020

Details: Please find a copy of the latest safety advice for the home – Fire safety poster ARMA-HFRS (1).October 2020


Heading: Waste Disposal
Date: 13/10/2020
Despite regular circulars and updates via the website, rubbish should not be dumped outside of the bins provided or bags just dumped on top of bins that are already full.  The bin men WILL NOT collect the bins when there is rubbish dumped outside the bins blocking access or when the bins are overflowing.  If a genuine bin collection is missed please contact Bromsgrove District Council immediately – do not simply dump rubbish in the bin store area making the situation worse.  Thank you.


Heading: Waste Collection
Date: 28/05/2020

Details: Bromsgrove District Council advise that they will be collecting recycling again separately from Monday 1st June 2020.  They have confirmed the collection date for Greenbox for both recycling and general waste is Friday.


Heading: Break in Tarmac
Date: 21/05/2020

Details: Contractors have been instructed to the break in the tarmac surface which is located by the car park gates.


Heading: Waste Collection
Date: 04/05/2020

Details: Bromsgrove District Council advise that they will be collecting bins as normal on Friday 8th May 2020.  They advise they will be collecting general waste and recycling waste in the same vehicle due to the current situation.  A reminder that waste not placed in the paladins provided will not be collected.


Heading: Waste Collection
Date: 08/04/2020

Details: Please see update we have received from Bromsgrove District Council in relation to waste collection:-

“During these difficult times we’re keen to support all of our customers and keep your waste arrangements as hassle-free as possible.

With the national lockdown and self-isolation rules, many businesses have found their needs have changed significantly. We are keen to protect you from unnecessary costs. As such, we have simplified our service during this period.

We will now collect all of your residual and recycling bins as a single combined residual waste collection.

This change is designed to reduce the number of collections at this time, to reduce your costs and keep the number of vehicles and staff down to what is considered essential, in line with the current national guidance.

If you need anything different to this please contact us and we will continue to support you as far as we possibly can.

Our waste collection services are classified as an essential public service and, as such, throughout the significant effects of COVID-19 you can be certain that we are focusing our resources on keeping them running to support you when you need us.

We are also keeping our website updated at and sending updates out through the Bromsgrove District Council Facebook Page”.


Heading: Coronavirus (CORVID19) – ISOLATION
Date: 31/03/2020


If you are in self-isolation because you have or may have contracted Covid-19 it is vital that you let us know as soon as possible so that we can contact the rest of the residents to let them know that they should take extra precautions and increase their sanitation and so that, as necessary, we can organise a deep clean of the communal areas in accordance with PHE guidance.

When you contact us, please can you also advise how you are organising deliveries, particularly food, to your apartment and how rubbish is to be disposed of. Please remember: –

  • rubbish should only be placed outside of your apartment door at a specific time for collection.
  • that whoever is picking up the rubbish should be properly protected.
  • that all rubbish must be double bagged.
  • rubbish which contains personal waste (e.g. tissues) and cleaning cloths must be isolated within the flat for 72 hours before being disposed of in communal bin stores.

We would also ask that you also let us know if you become aware that any of your neighbours have gone into self-isolation.

For further useful guidance regarding isolation and social distancing please go to

Heading: Coronavirus (CORVID19) – update
Date: 24/03/2020
Details: Following government guidelines, all staff for Compass Block Management are working remotely from home until further notice. Please continue to report any block maintenance issues via our online reporting system.

If you wish to speak to a member of staff by phone but are experiencing any problems getting through, please email [email protected] Please leave your name, phone number, first line of your address and a quick summary of your enquiry in order that we may forward onto the relevant member of staff to respond to you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to maintain services as much as possible during this period.


Heading: Coronavirus (CORVID19)
Date: 18/03/2020

Details: As you will be aware, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is spreading across the country and is a cause for concern for all of us. It is anticipated that COVID-19 will cause disruption to all businesses and to our day-to-day lives over the coming weeks and months.

As the government’s guidance is likely to change as time passes, we would like to make you aware we have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place to enable us to maintain a level of service during these unprecedented and difficult times.

Our office is currently open, but we have systems in place to allow our staff to work remotely if required. However, in the event that our BCP is put into effect and our office has to close, even with key staff working from home and engineers/contractors in the field, it is highly likely that you will experience some disruption in the services provided due to reduced capability. We will do whatever we can to minimise any such disruption but would ask for your patience and understanding while we work to maintain services during this period.

You will appreciate this is an evolving situation. We will continue to act on the advice provided by Public Health England and will inform you if there is any material change to our business continuity. 

For further information and the latest advice regarding CORVID-19, please visit: –

As it important that we are all kept up to date about the spread of CORVID-19, we ask that you inform us immediately if you or if you know of anyone in your apartment block who has either been diagnosed with CORVID-19 or advised to self-isolate. We can then make the other residents and the building service contractors aware of the situation.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Important – For Owners & Residents

To help protect the developments and individual properties during this period, we urge owners to ensure that all their electrical appliances, boilers, heaters, water supply, kitchen and bathroom plumbing are checked and maintained to minimise leaks.  For all owners & residents, please ensure that the security of the development is maintained by ensuring the communal doors are shut when entering and exiting the premises.  Please also be mindful of your neighbours regarding noise, especially during the day with more people having to work from home during this difficult period.


Heading: Recycling Bins
Date: 11/03/2020
We have occupiers at Greenbox wanting recycling bins installed.  We have contacted the Council for their recommendations and proposals about this.  We will keep you updated as we hear further.


Heading: Vehicular Gates & Pedestrian Gate
Date: 14/02/2020
We have instructed contractors to attend to both the vehicular gates and pedestrian gates which we understand are not working properly.


Heading: Waste Disposal
Date: 30/01/2020
Despite regular circulars and updates via the website, some occupants are still dumping their bin bags and rubbish outside of the bins provided.  The bin men WILL NOT collect rubbish outside of the bins.  The bin men have been in attendance today and the bin store has not been cleared for Phase 2 due to the black bags and other rubbish dumped outside of the bins.  

If you do become aware of anyone that is just dumping their rubbish, please let us know immediately as they will incur breach of lease charges, together with charges for the additional cleaning costs involved.  Thank you.


Heading: Waste Disposal
Date: 02/09/19
Circulars are being sent out reminding all occupants to dispose of their rubbish correctly.  Waste should not be dumped on top of the bins or on the floor of the bin store area.  A letter from Bromsgrove District Council is attached to the circular outlining the difficulties the Council are experiencing. 


Heading: Removal of Tree
Date: 17/07/19
Details: A tree surgeon will be in attendance on Monday 29th July 2019 (pm) to remove a tree which we are advised is in decline and will continue to die back and loose branches randomly.  


Heading: Car Parking
Date: 03/07/19
Details: A reminder that you must ensure that you and / or your visitors only park within the allocated parking spaces for your company.  Failure to comply will result in breach of lease charges being incurred.

We have also been in contact with the Council in relation to the parking on the main road given that vehicles are being parked up close to the entrance to Greenbox and making it difficult to access the car park.  We have been advised by the Council that unfortunately there are no parking restrictions in place.  They have advised though that if you do experience any problems with vehicles causing an obstruction then you must contact the police.


Heading: Car Parking
Date: 08/05/19

Details: Further to our recent circular, we understand that there are still issues with occupants not parking correctly.  If this situation persists, we will be look to introduce parking enforcement measures.  Should we also become aware of “offenders” then breach of lease charges will be incurred.

You and your visitors must not park in any space that is not allocated to your office

You and your visitors must not park anywhere on the estate roadway shown hatched in black on the site plan overleaf as this can obstruct other vehicles, especially the Emergency Services, from safely accessing all parts of the estate. Whilst this restriction applies to the whole of the estate roadway, it specifically applies to that part of the roadway by Offices 10 & 18 which has been clearly marked out as “No Parking”.

Please note also that only blue badge holders are permitted to park in the disabled bays.

In the event that your allocated spaces are full then you and your visitors must make alternative arrangements off site to park.

Thanking you for your cooperation in this matter.


Heading: Car Parking
Date: 05/04/19

Details: Circulars are being sent out to remind all occupiers that you are only allowed to park cars in the parking spaces specifically allocated to your office.  You must not park in any space that is not allocated to you.  You must also not park anywhere on the estate roadway as this can obstruct other vehicles, especially the Emergency Services, from safely accessing all parts of the estate.  Whilst this restriction applies to the whole of the estate roadway, it specifically applies to that part of the roadway by Offices 10 and 18 which has been clearly marked out as “No Parking”.  Occupiers must not also park in the designated “disabled bays” unless they hold a blue badge.

We have no wish to introduce parking enforcement measures, but if the situation does not improve, we may have no alternative but to do so.  We thank you for your co-operation in this matter and trust that from now on you will only park in your allocated parking spaces and nowhere else on the estate.


Heading: Bins and Waste
Date: 14/03/19

Details: We understand that the rubbish is building up and we have made contact with Bromsgrove Council about the situation.  They will arrange to meet with Compass Block Management about the situation but have commented that on some occasions they have attended to find that rubbish has been dumped outside of the bins when the bins are empty.  Please note that the Council will not collect rubbish outside of the bins.  We understand that this may be as a result of fly tipping and again this is an issue being addressed.  In the meantime, we have instructed an independent cleaning company to attend to clear up around the bins and make good the bin area whilst the matter is being addressed.


Heading: Bins
Date: 07/08/18
Details: We have been contacted by the Waste Management Dept of the Council to ask all to ensure that sacks of rubbish are placed inside the bins as they are experiencing issues with sacks blocking access to the bins themselves with the bins still having space inside. Thank you.

Heading: Bins
Details: We understand that the bins have not been collected. We have been in touch with the Council to find out the position and they have confirmed that collection will be resumed.

Heading: Update on block drains / overspill from manhole
Details: Severn Trent Water have been in attendance to clear main blockage and also further blockage located via manhole on Greenbox car park. Severn Trent report that they found a large build up of wipes. Please ensure that wipes and paper towels are disposed of in bins and not placed down the toilets. Thanking you for your co-operation.

Heading: Sewer issue from manhole
Details: Contractors have been on site following reports that one of the manholes is leaking sewerage (coming up via bay 46). The contractors have also checked with the site opposite who confirmed that they were experiencing the same problems. Contractors believe this is a main sewerage pipe issue and therefore Severn Trent Water have been contacted to attend.

Heading: Window Cleaning
Details: Following reports about the condition of the windows, the owner of the cleaning company will be coming out to take a look at the situation. The cleaning company used do use a “reach and wash” facility and are currently scheduled to attend 4 times a year.

Heading: Slabs
Details: A contractor is coming out Thursday morning (22nd March 2018) to address the issue with the slabs following recent works to the slabs.

Heading: Bin Store Clean
Details: Cleaning contractors have been booked to attend to clean the bin store area.

Heading: Car Park Gates
Details: The contractors attended on Thursday 1st March 2018. The one motor is not working to full capacity. As such, the contractors have left the gates in the open position and will be re-attending for further works.

Heading: Car Park Gates
Details: We are aware that the car park gates are not operating properly. A contractor has been assigned to attend as a matter of urgency.

Heading: Red Bins
Details: Please do not use the red bins that are located in the bin area as these belong to the previous waste supplier. Rubbish will not be emptied from these bins. We have asked the previous waste supplier to remove.

Heading: Rubbish Collection
Details: To confirm that rubbish will be collected every Friday weekly. The collection will usually be between 8.00am to 8.30am by Bromsgrove District Council. The bins provided are all general waste bins so no sorting is required. Please dispose of your rubbish in black bags and put then into the bins provided. The following items should not be put into the bins and you must speak with the Council direct about arranging their disposal: plasterboard, asbestos, toxic/non toxic chemicals, MDF, sawdust, paint, oil, office furniture (chairs, desks, cabinets and so forth).

Heading: Bins – further update
Details: We have received confirmation from Bromsgrove District Council following a meeting on site yesterday with our Property Manager, that they are starting rubbish collections from today.

Heading: Bins – further update
Details: We have received confirmation from the Council that they will be meeting our Property Manager on site this afternoon and are looking to start rubbish collections immediately.

Heading: Tree Surgery
Details: Works have been carried out to make safe the tree in the rear car park that was damaged by high winds.