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Out of hours emergencies: 0345 606 7660
For all URGENT block communal maintenance issues occurring out of hours (i.e. after 5.30pm Monday-Thursday and after 5.00pm Friday & weekends), please contact our emergency service on 0345 606 7660.

All non-urgent issues will be dealt with during our normal Monday-Thursday office hours of 9.00am-5.30pm and Friday 9.00am-5.00pm.

Out of hours support for non-emergencies: 101
For support with non-emergencies, including antisocial behaviour and rough sleeping, please report to the police by calling 101.

Compass Maintenance Contact is Judy Wyatt

Please report all communal maintenance issues using our online portal. This is monitored between the hours of 9am and 5.30pm from Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.
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Window Cleaning
Window cleaning is carried out on the last Friday of every other month beginning in January 2018.
Car Parking
If you are unsure of your space allocation, please refer to your Lease document or tenancy agreement. If someone is parking in your space, please place this notice on the windscreen of the vehicle.
Download a windscreen notice
Compass Block Management does not have the power to clamp or remove vehicles. If you have reason to believe that a vehicle has been abandoned, please report this to the local authority. 
Noise Complaints
To report a noise complaint, you must provide the number of the apartment responsible. We will then write to the apartment in question.
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Building Insurance
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The communal areas are cleaned once a fortnight. 
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Refuse & Recycling
Your refuse and recycling is collected by Wychavon District Council.on alternate Mondays. 
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Bulky Waste
If you would like to dispose of bulky items such as furniture and appliances, please arrange a collection with Wychavon District Council.
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Please do not leave bulky items in the bin store as they will not be collected.
Replacement Keys
Please use the online prompt “report a problem within your development” to order a replacement key. Thank you.
Share Certificate
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Fire Alarms
Fire alarms and smoke devices are tested to British Standards.
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To report a fault out of hours, please contact our emergency service on 0345 606 7660
Grounds Maintenance
Grounds maintenance is carried out twice a month from March to October and once a month from November to February. 
Fees and Charges
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Heading: Gutter Clean
Date: 08/01/2020
Details: Please be advised that contractors are booked to clean the gutterings on 31st January 2020.


Heading: Annual and Regular Service Checks on Hot Water Cylinders and Boilers
Date: 04/12/19
Details: We ask that all owners ensure their hot water cylinders & boilers are inspected on an annual basis with a copy of the Certificate provided to us. 

Please note that owners may be held accountable for the full cost of repairs to communal areas and neighbouring properties if the cause was found to be faulty equipment that had not been regularly checked and maintained.

We also recommend that your apartment is checked on a monthly basis for areas where leaks can appear especially during these colder months:-

  • Plumbing below sinks, dishwashers, washing machines and toilets
  • Beneath kitchen units by removing the kick panels
  • Seals around kitchen splashbacks and taps
  • Checking the airing cupboard to view hot water cylinders / boilers and other connections
  • Seals around the joints between tiles and baths or showers

When a leak does occur, it will often be the result of a very simple issue that could have been detected at an earlier opportunity. 

To reduce the chance of leaks and therefore minimising costs to yourselves and impacting on your neighbours, please do carry out regular checks on your apartments.  Please forward Annual Certificates to to confirm that hot water cylinders and boilers are being serviced and maintained.

Thanking you for your co-operation.


Heading: Fire Alarm Test – Tuesday 10th December 2019
Date: 27/11/19

Details: Please note that Netelect, supervised by Compass Block Management, will be at Pippins Court from 8.00am on Tuesday 10th December 2019 to carry out a service and test of the fire alarm system.  The alarm may sound briefly at intervals during the morning, but this will be no cause for concern. 

In order to fully complete the service and test we would like to gain access to the detectors that are located in your apartment and under-croft storeroom and should therefore be grateful if you would contact Jeremy Chick at or on 0121 236 5757 (option 2) to confirm access.  Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.


Heading: Wall Heater & Lighting
Date: 21/11/19
Details: Contractors have been instructed to attend to the wall heater hanging off the wall in Block 1 – 4, lobby area and also the 2 lights on the top floor.


Heading: Window Cleaning 
Details: We understand that unfortunately the window cleaning did not go ahead yesterday as scheduled.  We have sent a chaser to the cleaning company to find out when they will be attending and will keep you updated.


Heading: Fire Alarm Test – Friday 14th June 2019
Details: Please note that Netelect will be at Pippins Court from 8.00am on Friday 14th June 2019 to carry out a service and test of the fire alarm system.  The alarm may sound briefly at intervals during the morning, but this will be no cause for concern.  In order to fully complete the service and test we would like to gain access to the detectors that are located in your apartment and under-croft storeroom and should therefore be grateful if you would contact Jeremy Chick at or on 0121 236 5757 (option 2) to confirm access.  Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.


Heading: Fire Door
Details: Contractors have been booked to attend to one of the fire doors where there is an issue with the lever arm.


Heading: Under-croft Store Room Lighting
Details: It has been brought to our attention that lighting in some of the under-croft store rooms is permanently on.  Obviously, this is a waste of electricity and we therefore request that you please check your under-croft store room and make sure that the lighting there is working properly.  If you have any queries, please contact Jeremy Chick either on 0121 236 5757 (option 2) or at  Thank you.


Heading: Bin Store – User Guide
Details: In order to keep your bin store/area clean and tidy and reduce the risk of rodents appearing, we should be grateful if you would follow these simple recommendations when disposing of your rubbish: –

  • Ensure that all general rubbish is in properly sealed bin bags.
  • Place all your rubbish in either a paladin or the appropriate recycling bin.

The bin men will not remove any rubbish that is not in a paladin or recycling bin and will not empty any paladin or recycling bin if there are any rubbish bags or other items on the floor that are in any way impeding free access to and from the bin store, so please do not leave anything on the floor in the bin store.

  • Do not overfill a paladin when there are other paladins with space in them.
  • When disposing of cardboard boxes, please collapse them first: it does not take many un-collapsed boxes to fill a paladin or recycling bin.

With particular regard to the recycling bins: –

  • Please make sure that you put the right recycling items in the right recycling bin. If a recycling bin is contaminated it will only be emptied if an additional decontamination charge is paid.
  • If the recycling bins are all full then you must put your recycling in to one of the general waste paladins. Do not leave any recycling items on the floor as they will not be taken away.

Finally: –

  • If you have any bulky items (mattresses, refrigerators, etc.) to dispose of, please go online to and click on Bin & Refuse Enquiries for advice.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.


Heading: Communal Gate
Details: Contractors have been booked to attend to fix the ramp gates so that the lock engages when it closes.

Heading: Window Cleaning Schedule
Details: Window cleaning at Pippins Court is now scheduled for the following dates: –

30th January 2019
27th March 2019
29th May 2019
31th July 2019
25th September 2019
27th November 2019

If you have any comments to make regarding the window cleaning, we would ask that you contact us as soon as possible after the date of the window clean.

Obviously these dates may be subject to variation because of adverse weather conditions and the suchlike, but we will keep you advised of any such changes.

Heading: Render Work
Details: Weather permitting, contractors will be attending to the cracked rendering next week (w/c 22/10/18).

Heading: Window Cleaning
Details: To confirm that the window cleaning due last Friday 27th July 2018 will be carried out today.

Heading: Update on Issues with BBC Channels and Freeview
Details: We have received an update from the engineer to advise that they have been in attendance and they have ordered parts to complete the repairs. We will keep you updated.

Heading: Issues with BBC Channels and Freeview
Details: We understand that a number of residents are experiencing problems with receiving BBC channels and Freeview. We have booked out an engineer to attend to the issue.

Heading: Gutter Clean & Window Cleaning
Details: The window clean that was scheduled for 24th November has now been put back to 1st December when the contractor will also carry out the annual gutter clean.

Heading: Cleaning Schedule
Details: Further to our circular of 19th October we confirm that the clear majority of those of you who expressed an opinion are happy to continue with fortnightly cleaning. Fortnightly cleaning will continue, though the matter will remain under review with winter approaching.